My art practice is driven by exploration of materials, forms, color, and ideas of growth, attraction, release and decay. In this exploration, I break down subjects and ideas in order to understand their nature. I call on images that may have a personal and possibly universal meaning, familiar but now seen in unexpected ways.

My monotypes are often the result of working with multiple layers of paint, ink, paper and other materials, using cut shapes, found materials, and organic materials to extract forms. I’m interested in the possibility of fragmented objects, vein-like forms, polymorphic shapes, and life forms with visceral qualities approaching universal ideas inherent in survival and demise, and beauty. In addition to this, I explore themes having to do with the feeling of a place or ways to represent being in landscape or a space, using shape, pattern and rhythm, to create a sense of a place, exploring a feeling of vastness and openness in some works, or a sense of enclosure in others.